Automatic Installation

To install Telethon, simply do:

pip3 install telethon

Needless to say, you must have Python 3 and PyPi installed in your system. See and for more.

If you already have the library installed, upgrade with:

pip3 install --upgrade telethon

You can also install the library directly from GitHub or a fork:

# pip3 install git+
$ git clone
$ cd Telethon/
# pip install -Ue .

If you don’t have root access, simply pass the --user flag to the pip command. If you want to install a specific branch, append @branch to the end of the first install command.

By default the library will use a pure Python implementation for encryption, which can be really slow when uploading or downloading files. If you don’t mind using a C extension, install cryptg via pip or as an extra:

pip3 install telethon[cryptg]

Manual Installation

  1. Install the required pyaes (GitHub | PyPi) and rsa (GitHub | PyPi) modules:

    sudo -H pip3 install pyaes rsa

  2. Clone Telethon’s GitHub repository: git clone

  3. Enter the cloned repository: cd Telethon

  4. Run the code generator: python3 gen_tl

  5. Done!

To generate the method documentation, cd docs and then python3 (if some pages render bad do it twice).

Optional dependencies

If the cryptg is installed, you might notice a speed-up in the download and upload speed, since these are the most cryptographic-heavy part of the library and said module is a C extension. Otherwise, the pyaes fallback will be used.