API Status

In an attempt to help everyone who works with the Telegram API, the library will by default report all Remote Procedure Call errors to RPC PWRTelegram, a public database anyone can query, made by Daniil. All the information sent is a GET request with the error code, error message and method used.

If you still would like to opt out, you can disable this feature by setting client.session.report_errors = False. However Daniil would really thank you if you helped him (and everyone) by keeping it on!

Querying the API status

The API is accessed through GET requests, which can be made for instance through curl. A JSON response will be returned.

All known errors and their description:

curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?all

Error codes for a specific request:

curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?for=messages.sendMessage

Number of RPC_CALL_FAIL:

curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?rip  # last hour
curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?rip=$(time()-60)  # last minute

Description of errors:

curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?description_for=SESSION_REVOKED

Code of a specific error:

curl https://rpc.pwrtelegram.xyz/?code_for=STICKERSET_INVALID